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How to reset a garbage disposal – An Easy to Follow Guide

Resetting a garbage disposal system, as with resetting most appliances around the house, isn’t all that complicated. It is one of the easiest tasks you will ever have to undertake regarding this device.

Even so, a lot of people that interact with my blog seem to have a hard time doing it (and this includes people that have been using such a system for many years). This is why I think it is time to write a few words about how and why you should reset a garbage disposal.

Why would you reset your garbage disposal?

You will have to go through the necessary steps to reset the garbage disposal system when its motor has electric issues that make it unable to give enough power for it to run properly or when it gets clogged or overloaded. To make it even clearer, you usually reset your disposal when it gets stuck. Keeping it on when it isn’t working properly can lead to the motor or other important parts getting damaged.

Most, if not all garbage disposal systems have a circuit breaker that cuts the electrical connection when the unit isn’t working as it should.

You will use the reset button to restore its electrical connection and make it work again.

How to reset a garbage disposal system?

You will usually spend around 5 minutes or less to reset your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Reset Different ModelFollow these simple steps to properly reset a garbage disposal:

  1. Turn off the disposal unit

    The first step will be to simply switch the disposal unit switch to OFF. It will be enough to put the switch in its OFF position, you won’t have to disconnect the system from electricity.

  2. Press the reset button once

    Locate the reset button and press it once, gently. You will have to make sure that it stays in.

  3. Put the disposal switch in its ON position

    As soon as you pushed the reset button and noticed it stays in you can turn on the disposal unit to check if it is working as intended.
    If everything is working, then then you did it.
    Jump to step 4 if you notice that the disposal won’t run and the reset button will pop out.

  4. Find out why the disposal is stuck

    If the disposal won’t work at this point, it usually means that something fell into it and prevents it from running or that it is simply clogged. This is where you will have to switch it off again and look inside of it to see if you can spot anything obstructing it. If you see any debris obstructing the system, you can use tongs or pliers to remove them.
    As soon as you removed whatever was obstructing the disposal, you should try to reset it again and then switch it on one more time.

  5. Unclog the disposal

    There are instances when you won’t be able to see any obstructions inside the disposal. If you’re in this situation, you should first try to unclog it with the help of an Allen wrench or other unjamming tools.
    After you have successfully unclogged it, you can press the reset button again and turn it back on.

  6. Talk to a professional

    If unclogging and removing visible obstructions didn’t do the trick, then there’s not much else you can do. It could be an issue around its electrical system, but if you don’t have the necessary knowledge to fix it, it is a better idea to just call a professional for help. Trying to fix it yourself at this point might lead to either you getting hurt or damaging the disposal unit even more, even to the point of no repair.

Where would you find the reset button?

All disposal units have a reset button, this is a fact. What differs usually, is the place where the button is situated, and it will usually depend on the unit model.

You will find the reset button somewhere on the bottom side of the disposal unit for all InSinkErator models and this includes the Evolution and Badger series.

The reset button is usually situated on the bottom of the front-facing side for the Moen, Whirlaway, and Waste King disposal models. It will be the side where you will see their logo.

Although most disposal systems will have easy-to-spot, red buttons, this isn’t the case for the Moen models which have a black reset button.

Are you more of a visual learner? Here’s a great video that shows you how to reset the garbage disposal.

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