Rusty Garbage Disposal

How to Remove Rust from Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal system is one of the most convenient household appliances to help you keep your house clean. But you have to keep it in good condition to know you can rely on it to work as well as possible. As soon as you buy and install this gadget inside your home you will find out exactly how indisposable it is regardless of how often you will need to use it.

If you’re not an individual who uses the garbage disposal all the time, you should keep in mind that it should run at least a few times per week to make sure it stays rust-free. Also, you should know that proper maintenance is a must to avoid your garbage disposal from getting filled with rust. Getting rust on it won’t happen overnight and it won’t be a process that takes one day, but neglecting it enough will make it rust.

Reasons for a Rusting Garbage Disposal

  • Connection

Some parts of your disposal system might deteriorate faster (for example, the sink flange and its seal). If this were to happen, you will have to use a plumber’s expertise to re-fix the individual part or the whole system.

  • Cleaning

Failing to properly clean the disposer will usually lead to it getting damaged in time. Not cleaning the disposal system will lead to a number of problems, not only to it getting rusty.

  • The material

Most garbage disposal systems are made of steel. If the disposer doesn’t dry out properly after each use, then it might begin to rust in time due to the presence of oxygen and high humidity.

There are situations when even the gasket or mounting ring is damaged or cracked.

The disposal will also begin to rust if it has a hole through which water can get in.

How to Remove the Rust From Your Garbage Disposal

The things you will use:

  • Ice cubes
  • Salt
  • Lemon

The Process

  • You will start the procedure by mixing three tablespoons of salt with a cup of lemon juice. You should stir this mixture properly before you start the cleaning process.
  • You should first clean any food waste from inside the system and then let some water run to remove any leftover food residue.
  • Next, just take the mixture you’ve made in the first step and pour it all inside the garbage disposal. You can let the formula sit inside the disposer for a longer period of time (even overnight). You should keep in mind not only to refrain from running water through the garbage disposal while the lemon mix is doing its job inside the system, but you should also refrain from using the disposer altogether. Using the system during this step might make the whole job inefficient.
  • After around 24 hours, you can release any content to the drain as you’d do to clean any food waste. You can then run some cold water through the disposer to clean any lemon mix.
  • As a final step, you should grind some ice cubes to get rid of any dirt or gunk that would still be sticking to the inside of the disposer. You can help this grinding process by turning on the garbage disposal and letting the water run through it. Doing all of the steps above will almost guarantee a clean and rust-free disposer on the inside.

Going through this cleaning process periodically will ensure the proper functioning of the garbage disposal. If you notice it working poorly even after doing all of the steps from above, then you can use the method we offer below to clean all of the clogs.

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A Great Method To Remove Clogs With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Rust on Garbage DisposalYou will have to prepare a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda. You will have to start by pouring the baking soda cup followed by the vinegar cup and letting everything foam. As the mix starts to foam, it will remove any existing clogs.

This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. As soon as this process is finished you will have to continue by pouring boiling water inside the disposer, to further clean any remaining clogs.

As a final step, you can grind a few pieces of lemon. This step will help deodorize the garbage disposal. Lemons in general are great at removing bad odors and will also help you get rid of any remaining rust.

How to Prevent The Disposer From Catching Rust

The most important part of rust prevention is opting for the right blade material. As you might imagine, going for stainless steel instead of regular steel will help prolong the life of the blades.

Another great way to prevent the system from rusting, you should wash it as often as possible, even after every use, and use lemon formulas to clear debris and prevent any rust from forming.

You should also try to use it at least from time to time to prevent it from catching rust.

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